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PC Nicola Hughes


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You may be aware of events in Manchester in September 2012 where two unarmed Police Officers where shot following a routine burglary call. My name is Bryn Hughes, the father of PC Nicola Hughes, one of the victims of the shooting.

The aims of our charity, the PC Nicola Hughes Memorial Fund, are to provide learning opportunities and pre employment skills in the form of support through grants or services to children (under 21) who have suffered a tragic loss of a close family member through a violent crime such as murder or manslaughter.

We have seen first hand the devastating effect this has on people and how we as adults cope in the aftermath, is different to how children cope.

We would like to help them to try and rebuild their lives and look towards the future. To be able to stand on their own feet by continuing with education, where financial situations may have changed, or start that course which will enable them to gain employment

We are asking for a donation, however small. We have provided a VirginGiving link button below which will take you straight to our donations page.

Run To Remember 2018



Run to Remember 2018 

This year proved to be tiring, demanding and fun for all those that took part. The fundraising this year will begin to establish a network of EMDR therapists around the country that we can refer children to to gain that much needed support.

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    The story of PC Nicola Hughes by Bryn Hughes

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Annual Ball 2017


Saturday 16th September 2017 

We held our 4th annual charity ball in Manchester where we proudly presented a cheque to the National Homicide Service for £40,000 to fund a joint project 'PC Nicolas Fund' that will look to provide counselling to those children suffering following the loss of a parent through violent crime.


Annual Ball 2018

Annual Ball 2018

 Annual Ball 2018 Saturday 1st December 2018 at the Renaissance Hotel Manchester

Why not celebrate the start of Christmas with us??


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New York Marathon 2019

New York Marathon 2019


Plans are underway to return to New York for the 2019 marathon..... contact us if you are interested?

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