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Everest Challenge

Climb the equivalent of Mount Everest in the comfort of the Empress State Building in London

Join the team attempting to conquer the height of the building by shuffling up up the staircase.

£5 registration gets you a medal, certificate and aching legs.

Pledge to raise just £50 to help us fund some much needed therapy for a little girl who witnessed something pretty horrificCry


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New York Marathon 2016....what happened!!

November 2016 saw several dedicated individuals pop over to New York to run around the streets of Manhattan taking part in the worlds biggest marathon. This year saw over 70,000 entries.

For most of us it was a really hard long run, the day started with a 5am breakfast in the hotel then a earie walk to the public library at 6am to ‘get in line’ for the hundreds of buses that took us all the way to Staten Island, word of advice if you ever consider it, take a couple of empty bottles because the buses don’t have toilets and don’t stop!!!!

Sat in the park on Staten Island dressed in disposable track suits and onesies created a feeling of excitement, nerves, anticipation and tiring but the experience was fantastic.

Waiting around to join your wave and start the marathon over the Verrazano Bridge, worrying that if you are on the lower deck those on the top deck may just pee over the side and you catch the spray!!!!

The bridge climbs over 250 foot in elevation and it was gruelling and not even the first mile…

I never realised there was so many hills in New York City..

The marathon takes you through the boroughs of Brooklyn then Queens then the famous Bronx before starting down 5th Avenue heading towards Central Park.

To run along those avenues seeing all the iconic buildings was mesmerising.

The crowds that lined every piece of sidewalk on the entire route where fantastic in their support, the clapping the cheering the energy bars the bananas the words of encouragement are what spurred you on to finish. If you had your name on your top they shouted it and to hear people shout to me ‘Go PC Nicola’ was highly emotional at times but left me feeling so proud and thinking that Nicola was with me every step of the way.

A strange moment for me was using the undertakers toilets in the Bronx in the nice toilets with hand wash and potpourri while the other 69,999 runners used the portable loo’s was nice!!!!

Mile 18 saw my right knee say ‘stop you fool’ then to join in at mile 19 my left hip said ‘don’t forget about me’ then at mile 20 my head decided to join in at what us athletes call ‘the wall’…

It was at this stage I heard the shouts behind me from Govinda from the Met Police shouting ‘Bryn help me my heads gone’.. it was around mile 21 that we danced to a band playing New York New York while running through Brooklyn…strange but enjoyable.

As we plodded through the gates of Central Park we heard an elderly couple say ‘OMG they have ran from Staten Island’…thanks for pointing that out!!!

The last :2 miles went on forever and saw us cross the line together only to be met by Angela from North Wales Police who had waited…together we then hobbled to collect our medals and goodie bags and sit on the floor trying to summon the energy up to head back to our hotel…

Walking down one flight of steps to the subway was horrendous but so proud because we were all wearing a huge grin and even bigger piece of well-earned bling!!!!!

Some life long friends were made during that trip and whats more important is the amount we raised will fund a project with the National Homicide Service that will provide help and support to so many children in the country that have witnessed some horrendous things in their lives.

628100_242555031_XLarge.jpgEach and every one of Team New York 2016 should be extremely proud of what you did that day. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart… my friends…..